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Stanley Family Tree (Genealogy Site)


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Syrena Stanley Lamkin

Daughter of James and Elizabeth Conine Stanley

SYRENA STANLEY, b. 1834; m. (1) WILLIAM STANLEY; m. (2) WILLIAM FRANKLIN LAMKIN, January 04, 1859, Gwinnett Co., GA; b. 1831.
Gwinnett Co., GA census 1860:
Franklin Lamkin, age 29. Syrena Lamkin, age 25. Their property was valued at $685. Both indicated they were married in Georgia.

Syrena Stanley Lamkin later married William Stanley of Floyd CO., GA. The 1900 Floyd county census listed William Standley as a widower. It showed his state of birth as South Carolina, and the same for his parents.

Also the finding of a grave site at Cedar Creek Baptist Church in Winder, Georgia, peaked the compiler's curiosity. Cal Stanley was a son of James C. Stanley who entered the Jackson/Gwinnett are about 1835 with a military land warrant.

Cal Stanley 1845-1907
Martha Stanley 1857-1936

Lizzie Stanley 1878-1909

Martha Stanley's death certificate was located at the Barrow County courthouse. It proved her to be the former Martha Harvil. From Gwinnett County marriage records, we know now that Cal Stanley was actually James C. Stanley, Jr. Note the earlier census listings for his family.

Cal Stanley, in 1907, purchased one hundred fifty-four acres on Cedar Creek from Oliver Cosby. Also in that year he bought one hundred acres on Fiddlers Creek from J. F. Stanley (see Walton County marriage to Lucy Hill in 1877). Note that the purchases were made in the year Cal died.

In 1907 Syrena Stanley granted power of attorney to W. C. Hendrix toward securing her interest in one hundred fifty acres on Cedar Creek, " ... on which Cal Stanley died and Martha is now in possession." Syrena and her son, J. Charles Stanley, were identified as being the widow and son of William Stanley of Floyd County, Georgia. At that time Charles lived in Culinaw County, Alabama.

Gwinnett County land deeds revealed that on October 16, 1907 Martha Stanley sold interest in a 54 acre tract in GMD 216 to J. C. Stanley, Joe Stanley, J. T. Stanley, Louvenia Stanley, Robert E. Stanley, and W. E. Stanley.

On December 13, 1907 Martha Stanley bought 100 acres in GMD 216 from Robert E. Stanley, Emma Oliver, Joe H. Stanley, Louvenia Stanley, Mrs. William E. Stanley, J. Charles Stanley,
J. F. Stanley, and Mrs. S. B. McDonald.

This Mrs. William E. Stanley and J. Charles were Syrena and her son. These deeds indicate that Syrena married a son of James C. Stanley, Sr. She was, then, a sister-in-law to Cal and Martha Stanley.

Marriage: January 04, 1859, Gwinnett Co., GA