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Shadrack Stanley (1750 - 1830)

SHADRACK4 STANLEY (SANDS3, JONATHAN2 STANDLEY, GEORGE1) was born Abt. 1750 in Dobbs County, North Carolina, and died Aft. 1830 in Marengo Co., Alabama. He married (1) PENINNAH JORDAN Abt. 1780 in Wilkes County, Georgia, daughter of CHARLES JORDAN and MARTHA. She was born Abt. 1760 in Perquimans area, North Carolina, and died Abt. 1820 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He married (2) 'UNKNOWN' MOON Aft. 1820 in Alabama. She died in Possibly Marengo Co., AL.

The oral tradition in Jordan Stanley's family states that Jordan's father was Shadrack Stanley. That is supported by the family Bible of J.W. Stanley, and his contact with other family members. That bible lists Shadrack's children as Ada, Jordan, Samuel and Stephen. The Bible did not list James Stanley of Gwinnett Co., GA. It also states that Shadrack married a Moon. Land deeds from Georgia and Alabama show proximity and a relationship with John Moor. It is possible the second marriage was to a Moor.

Dates and ages for four Shadrack Stanleys were determined by census and other records. The known men of the name were (1) a brother of Sands Stanley Sr. from Cheraws Dist., SC.; (2) the son of Sands Stanley from Cheraws Dist., SC. This man was in Tattnall Co., GA and later in Alachua Co., FL; (3) the son of John Stanley from Virginia/North Carolina Quaker records; and (4) a son of John and Jerusha Fitch Stanley who resided in Wilkes County, NC.

Research by Larry Stanley and others indicates the first of these men is the most likely man to be father of Penainy Jordan's children. It is probable that he was a brother of Sands Stanley. Sr. of Cheraws Dist., SC. It is also probable he was a son of a Sands Stanley who had NC land transactions in 1746-1750.

The ancestry of George Stanley (d. 1783 in Wilkes Co., GA) and Sands (d. 1796 in Cheraws Dist. SC) leads to the residence in North Carolina in the early to mid-1700s. The ancestry of George Stan(d)ley, a son of Jonathan Standley, has revealed a connection to the Essex County, MA Standley family which included men named Jonathan, George, David and Sands. The name 'Sands' has not been found in any other Stanley lineage. The MA, NC, SC, GA lineages are most probably the same family.

Historical Records ---------

February 2001, Research request to the North Carolina Division of Archives and History, Raleigh:
We have searched Treasurers and Comptrollers Papers, Revolutionary Army Accounts, Revolutionary Pay Vouchers and the Colonial Records of North Carolina___ without finding Shadrack Stanley.

During the late 1700s, particularly after 1780, the name Shadrack Stanley appeared in Georgia. Later records showed they both hailed from old Dobbs County, North Carolina. The uncle Shadrack was in Georgia by 1782 for the birth of his first son, Jordan Stanley. The nephew Shadrack was in Darlington, South Carolina from about 1783 when his parents (Sands and Zilpha) moved there. He was in South Carolina for the 1790 census, but that does not mean he would be absent from Georgia records.

Because they both resided in old Washington County, Georgia it is difficult to determine correct assignment for the various historical records. However, one man remained in the northeast part of the state in Wilkes, Lincoln and Jackson counties. The other resided in Washington, Tattnall, Montgomery and Liberty counties to the southeast. There is no known evidence to place the uncle Shadrack in the southern part of Georgia or otherwise geographically close to the nephew. Some of the included North Carolina and Georgia references could apply to either man. An attempt was made here to assign records according to the location, north or south, in old Washington County.

** See Related File: "The Shadrack Time Line"

DOBBS/LENOIR/GREENE COUNTY, NC - Taxlist - Dobbs 1780 Taxlist.
# District Geographic Location by current county designations
10 GRANGER Greene County - From Snow Hill to south as far as Wheat
Swamp, including Hookerton vicinity, and westward to
include Arba.

The Journal of North Carolina, Summer 1966, volumes 11-12 name this district as Halifax.

District # 10 GRANGER
Greene County - From Snow Hill to south as far as Wheat Swamp,
including Hookerton vicinity, and westward to include Arba.

# #
10-34 Shadrack Standly 400
10-60 Sandi Standly, Sr. 5,262

* Explanation: first number, as 10, shows voucher on file at Archives of North Carolina in Raliegh. Second is number of acres; third number is the valuation.

Source: Georgia Department of Archives and History. Original Documents. Land Warrant # 12021 states "This is to certify that Shadrack Stanley is entitled to two hundred & fifty Acres of Land, as a Bounty agreeable to an Act of Resolve of the General Assembly, passed at Augusta the 20th day of August 1781. Att Certificate Col Clarke. Given under my hand at Savannah the 26th day of March in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-four. Signature unreadable"

Source: Georgia Department of Archives and History. Original Documents. Certificate states
"STATE OF GEORGIA This is to certify, That Shadrack Stanley hath steffstly done his duty, to wit, on the 20th of August 1781, until the total Expulsion of the British from this State; and the said Shadrack Stanley cannot, to my knowledge or belief, be convicted of plundering or distressing tje country; and is, therefore, under the said Act, entitlted to a Bounty of Two Hundred Fifty Acres of good Land, free from taxes for ten years. Given under my hand at Savannah the Second day of February 1784. Signed Elijah Clarke by his Aide H. Freeman.

Source: WILKES COUNTY, GEORGIA TAX RECORDS 1785-1805, by Frank Parker Hudson. Shadrick Standley; Capt. Thompson's Dist., 1785, Washington County, 287 ac. (Several references state the 250 acre bounty was actually presented as 287 1/2 acres)

Source: Wilkes County Lookup. Volume II, page 32 1790 Wilkes County Tax digest, Shadrick Standley, taxed on one poll, 287 acres of 2nd quality land in District QQ, Captain Benjamin Thompson's District. Washington County, Ga.

This is from Frank Parker Hudson's "Wilkes County Georgia Tax Records, 1785-1805, Volume I. Mr. Hudson refers to district QQ as "The district arbitrarily designated as District QQ was commanded by Captain Thompson when the tax returns were received in 1785. It was the only complete district in the area of Defacto Wilkes County put into Greene County in February 1786. Most of the persons making returns in this district in 1785 in Wilkes County can be found in the following districts of the 1788 Greene County Digest: Captain J. Cain's, Captain Benj. Gilbert's and Captain Michael Gilbert's.

Source: Georgia Department of Archives and History. Original Documents. The hand written Head Rights Warrant states " Georgia. By the Court of Justices of the County of Washington to the County Surveyor for the said County you are hereby authorized and required to measure and lay out or cause to be measured and laid out unto Shadrick Standley, a tract of land which shall contain One Hundred and fifty Acres in the Said County of Washington On Head Rights.

Taking especial care that the Same has not heretofore been laid out unto any person or persons. And you are also hereby Directed and Required to Record the plat of the same in your office And to transmit a Copy thereof Together with this Warrant to the Surveyor General within six months of this date. Given under My hand as Senior Justice of the Said County this Sixth day of November 1786. Signed John Watts A.J. and Alex ___ Clerk"

Source: Georgia Department of Archives and History. Original Documents. The hand written Head Rights Warrant states "Georgia. By the Court of Justices of Washington County to Fra Tennille Esquire County Surveyor for the Said County. You are hereby authorized and required to measure and lay out or cause ot be measured and laid out unto Shadrick Stanley a tractof land which shall contain Fifty Acres in said County of Washington on the Headrights of Samuel Camp. Taking especial care that the same has not heretofor been laid out to any other person or persons. You are also hereby directed and required to record a plat of the same in your office and to transmit a Copy thereof together with this warrant to the Surveyor General within the term of Two Years from this Date. Given under my hand as Senior Justice of the Said Court this Sixth Day of April One Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty nine. Signed John Watts A.J. and Benjamin Tennille clerk."

Source: Georgia Military Affairs, Vol. 2, Part 1 1793-1800. Copied, Indexed and Bound with authority of John B. Wilson, Secretary of State, Under direction of Mrs. J. E. Hays, State Historian. 1940. Original papers in Department of Archives and History in Atlanta, Georgia. Page 92-93.

Dated 1793. State of Georgia. "A Muster Roll with an Inspection of Arms and Acuterments of the Gentlemen of Arms offercered Liable to do Military Duty by the militia Laws of this State residing in my Militia Company Destrict Commencing at Betty Path running thence to Williams Swomp thence up the swomp to the trail up the trail to Sandy Run Down Sandy unto Buffelow thense down Buffelow to Bettee Path"

Listed the following men, among others (indicating family names later seen in Jackson and Gwinnett Counties):
Capt. McCavy
Lieut. Cobb
Ins. Lilly
John Purkins
James Cain
Shade Standly
William Garmeny

Captain McCavy Muster Roll 5th Company 1 Battalion 2nd Regiment, Washington County

A cross reference for Militia Company District No. 3 reads:
"commensing at Green County Line wherein the saide line crosses Buffelow thence Down the Buffelow to the mouth of Sandy Run thence up the saide Sandy Run to the head thence across the Ridge to the head of Turkey Creeke thence Down the said Creake to Little Ogecha thence up the saide Ogecha to Green County Line thence along saide Line to the begining."

Listed the following men, among others (indicating family names later seen in Jackson and Gwinnett Counties):
Richard Bonner, Captain, Fuseleairs
John Kelley, Ensign, Fuseleairs
Joell Buckner, Sergeant

Inspection of early maps of Washington County reveal the location of Buffalo Creek, Williams Swamp Creek and Sandy Run. The area described, bound on the east by the Little Ogeechee River, is found at the southeast of today's Hancock County to the south and east of Sparta, and the northeast of today's Washington County. Of further interest is that the South Fork of the Little Ogeechee is also found within this description.

The description for the Third District Militia indicates the area to the north of the Fifth Company Militia District. And it states the "Green County Line wherein the saide line crosses Buffelow" north of Sandy Run. This is a clear indication that in 1793 Greene County included the part of today's Hancock County where Sparta is located.

The book "Land Deed Genealogy of Hancock County, Georgia" has two entries naming Shadrack Stanley, and apparently indicating two separate pieces of property:

8th September 1794. Shadrack Stanley of Washington county to Miles Rachael (Rachell) of Hancock County for the sum of forty pounds money for a tract of land in said County, late Washington County now Hancock, containing one hundred fifty acres, said land granted to Shadrack Stanley on 30th December 1788. Land excepting three or four acres cut off by Ruthaf(illegible) line. Wit: Peter Boyle, J. P. and Jno. S(illegible).

3rd January 1799. William Cureton of Hancock County to Nehemiah Smith of same place for the sum of one thousand dollars for a tract of land containing two hundred acres in Hancock County formerly Washington County, on Little Ogeechee and adjoining vacant land at the time of the survey, adjoining Shadrack Stanley's land and by McClendon's and the Little Ogeechee , granted to Shadrack Standley on 19th April 1790. Wit: H. Chandler and Barrett Brewer. Reg.: 24th April 1800.

As to where Shadrack Stanley lived and when, it is necessary to link the residence of Dempsey Jordan to the birthplace of Jordan Stanley, James Stanley, et al. Shadrack Stanley showed up in the same area as Dempsey Jordan in Greene and Talliafero counties in old Defacto Wilkes County; and Charles Jr. in Lincoln, Jackson and Gwinnett counties. The earlier locations for Charles Jordan Sr. were St. Paul Parish, Wilkes and Warren County. Washington/Wilkes/Warren is a close area and includes the location where Charles Jordan Sr. was killed in 1780. Shadrack's land on the Little Ogeechee places all of them in near proximity. It is important to note that Hancock County was formed 12/17/1793 from Greene and Washington; and, Warren County was formed 12/19/1793 from Columbia, Hancock, Richmond and Warren.

Source: Lincoln County Genealogy and History, page 210 Robert S. Davis, Jr. and James E. Dorsey.
July term, 1801, Petit Jury of Lincoln County lists Shadrack Stanley.

Index to Georgia Tax Digests list the following. No extant records could be located in Jackson County before 1803.

1799 James Huie Jackson County
1801 Shadrack Stanley Lincoln County
Robert Conine Greene County
Robert Young Jackson County
1804 Robert Young Ditto
Shadrack Stanley Ditto
Jordan Stanley Ditto
1809 Jordan Stanley Jackson County
Shadrack Stanley Ditto
Jonathan Betts Ditto
Robert Conine Ditto
George W. Clack Ditto
James Huie Ditto
Thomas Wadsworth Ditto (by Sarah as admin for Thomas's estate)
Sarah Wadsworth Ditto
James McMullen Ditto
Robert Young Ditto
1817 Samuel Stanley Jackson County, Hambleton District
______ Stanley Ditto

The earliest records of Jackson County, Georgia Tax Digests show the proximity of residences:

1803 Digest, page 54,55. Captain Sparks District. (( GMD 250. Created 1800 and has been known as Braswell, Gillaspie, Sparks, Scurlock, Lyle and Winn. Now a part of Tanner's District in Walton County. Elisha Winn served as Justice of the Peace in 1805)) Listing:

William Bolling 100 acres bought from Gillum, Jackson County on Appalachy
Boundary, adjoining Beauchamp
Shad Stanley Ditto
Samuel Jordan Ditto
Robert Howard Ditto
Moses Garrett Ditto
Jordan Stanley Ditto
Hugh Bowen 150 acres bought from Williamson, Jackson County on Appalachy
Boundary, adjoining Taylor
Charles Jordan Ditto

1804 Digest, page 42, 43. Captain Cupps District. ((The area of the Little Mulberry is now in GMD 248, which was created in 1803. It has been known as Reed, Key, Martin, McKinney, Deaton and Hanson)) Listing:

Shadrack Stanly 175 acres bought from Moore, on Little Mulberry
Jordan Stanley 64 acres bought from Cobb on Little Mulberry
Charles Jordan 64 acres bought from Cobb on Little Mulberry

1805 Digest (Book #1), page 14,44,45. Listing:

Robert Young 200 acres on Indian Creek adjoining vacant land. McKeever District.

Jordan Stanley 100 acres on Appalachy adjoining Beauchamp
Robert Conine Ditto
John Kelly Ditto
((Note that James Stanley married Elizabeth Conine and that Jordan Stanley
married Priscilla Kelly))
Charles Jordan 60 acres on Mulberry adjoining Crenshaw
Samuel Jordan 100 acres on Mulberry

1805 Digest (Book #2), page 47. McKinney District. Listing:

John Cupp 50 acres bought from Cobb on Little Mulberry, adjoining McKenzie
Henry Cupp Under Age. 64 acres adjoining John Cupp
Jordan Stanley Ditto
Charles Jordan Ditto
Shadrack Stanley 150 acres bought from Burford Jones on Appalachy Boundary,
adjoining McKnight
Samuel Jordan 100 acres bought from Burford Jones on Appalachy Boundary,
adjoining Pierce

1807-1811? Digest, page 2. Captain Key's District. ((GMD 248)) Listing:

Jordan Stanley 202.5 acres on Mulberry Fork

1807-1811? Digest, page 2. Captain Windham District. (( GMD 316, created about 1805. Also known as Windham and Cowan. It was in Jackson Co. 1805-1816; Gwinnett 1818-1914. Now Ben Smith District in Barrow County. Elisha Winn was Justice of Peace in 1813 ))

Shadrack Stanley 100 acres bought from Moore on Rocky Creek
Charles Jordan Ditto

1809 Digest, page 73,75. Listing:

James Huie 122 acres bought from Montgomery on Mountain Creek,
adjoining McCree
Jordan Stanley 248 acres bought from Shadrack Morris on Little Mulberry,
adjoining Hampton
Robert Conine 100 acres bought from Pennington on Mulberry, adjoining Martin
Shadrack Stanley 45 acres bought from A. Jones on Allen's Fork, adjoining Hemphill

1810 Digest, page 76. Listing:

Jordan Stanley 55 acres Jefferson on Walnut Creek
James Stanley 116 acres bought from Spruce on Mulberry
Jospeh Huie Ditto
Robert Huie Ditto

This following signed document is further evidence of a relationship between the family of Charles Jordan, Jr. and Shadrack Stanley.

Lincoln County, Georgia, Deedbook E, Page 103 1805-1809
Thomas Wadsworth and Sarah his wife of Jackson County to Thomas Howard. 31 July 1798. Deed for 100 acres on the fork of Grays Creek formerly granted to Charles Jordan adjoining Griffin Hogan. Witnessed: Thomas Curry, Mary Curry, Charles C. Jordan (by mark), and Shadrack Stanley (by mark). Registered April 15, 1809. Pages 463-64.

The following information was taken from Inferior Court minutes Jackson County, Ga 1800-1809. It shows a relationship between Jordan and Shadrack Stanley.

Inferior Court Minutes, Jackson County, Georgia, 1800-1809
... to the said Jordan Stanley & Shadrack Stanley & at this _?_ instance & request before that time sold & delivered & being so indebted _?_ the said Jordan & Shadrack in consideration there or afterward, the same day & year aforesaid undertook & faithfully promised your _?_ to to pay them the said sum of money when due they should be thereto afterward required. NEVERTHELESS the said Jordan & Shadrack regardless of their said promise to pay your petitioner the said sum of money altho after _?_ required have _?_ & still refuse to the damage of your petitioner one hundred dollars. Wherefore they pray that process may _?_ requiring the said Jordan & Shadrack appear on or by attorney to be & appear at the next Inferior Court to be held in aforesaid County then & there to answer your petitioners in an action upon the _?_

Georgia, Clark County
Felix H. Gilbert one of the firm of Wm. and Felix Gilbert in the sum of thirty five dollars twenty two cents & that he has just reason to apprehend the _?_ of said debt or some part thereof unless said Jordan Stanley & Shadrack Stanley are held to bail. Sworn to the 23rd Sept. 1805. Wm Crocker (sp?) J.P. and signed by Felix Gilbert

Georgia, Jackson County
To the Sheriff of Said county Greeting
Wm & Felix Gilbert vs Jordan Stanley & Shadrack Stanley
Defendants are hereby requested personally or by their attorney to both appear _?_ the Inferior Court of a Court to be held in and for the County of Jackson on _?_ in February next then and there to answer the demands of the Plaintiffs in an action on the _?_ or to his damage one hundred dollars in default thereof the _?_ to Justice shall ascertain.
Witnessed by his honor Buckner Harris, the Justice of said Court this 5th day of Nov 1805.
_?_ the defendants with true copy & took bail. 25th Nov 1805. Signed by H. Camp

Georgia, Jackson County (no date)
To his honor the Justice of the Inferior Court in the County aforesaid
The petition of William Gilbert & Felix Gilbert Merchants trading under the firm of Wm & Felix Gilbert Showeth that Jordan Stanley & Shadrack Stanley owe to & unjustly _?_ from your petitioner the sum of thirty five dollars & twenty two cents for _?_ the said Jordan & Shadrack _?_ on the first day of January eighteen hundred & three were justly indebted to your petitioner in the sum of thirty five dollars & twenty two cents for goods & merchandise by your petitioners... Edw Ad--- for Wm Pentecost Clk

Census, 1830 Marengo County, Alabama, shows Shadrack Stanley at 70-80 years and a female at 50-60 years. This woman is younger than Penninah Jordan. A subsequent marriage is indicated. This record combines with a land deed in Marengo Co., AL 1831 showing Jourdan Stanley as purchasing 80 47/100 acres. It may also resolve the J. W. Stanley Bible entry for marriage to "Unknown Moon".

Year Surname Given Name (s) County State Page Township or Other Info Record Type
1830 STANLEY SHADROCK Marengo County AL 335 Southern District Federal Population Schedule AL 1830
Database ID#
Federal Census Index ALS3a1753251

There is no further record for Shadrack Stanley in either Georgia or Alabama after the 1830 census.

Census 1: 1793, Reconstructed Census of 1790: Washington Co., Shade Stanley. Capt. McCavy's Company, State Militia muster roll, 1793
Census 2: Bet. 1800 - 1801, Lincoln Co.: Jordan Stanley (1801), Dist. F, #116; Shadrach Stanley (1801). Poll Tax Dist. F, #68; Shadrach Stanley (1800) Poll Tax Dist. F, #31; and, Charles Jordan (1800)Dist. GD, #7. Charles Jordan had 100 acres on Cherokee Creek in 1800.
Census 3: 1830, Marengo Co., Alabama shows Shadrack Stanley at 70-80 years and a wife at 50-60 years.
Land Grant 1: 1788, Washington County was created in 1784 by the Creek Cession of Nov. 1, 1783. The seat is Sandersville.
Land Grant 2: 1788, Index to Headrights and Grants: Washington County, Shadrach Stanley, 150 acres.
Land Grant 3: 1790, Index to Headrights and Grants: Washington Co., Shadrach Stanley.
Tax Digest 1: 1791, Washington Co. tax digest.
Tax Digest 2: 1801, Index to Georgia Tax Digests: Shadrach Stanley, Lincoln County. Also noted is Jordan Stanley, Lincoln County.
Tax Digest 3: 1805, Jackson Co. listed Sha_d Stanley and Jordan Stanley.

1836 Power of Attorney granted by Jordan, Samuel and Stephen Stanley to their named brother James Stanley named all the brothers and 'Penainy' Jordan as their mother. Research has determined that the Power of Attorney listed a phonetic spelling. The Old Testament book of Samuel reveals the name Penninah. In Hebrew it means Pearl.

Name 2: Peninnah JORDAN
Died 2: Aft. 1820, Gwinnett County, Georgia

Marriage: Abt. 1780, Wilkes County, Georgia

Marriage: Aft. 1820, Alabama

i. ADA5 STANLEY, b. Listed in family bible of J. W. Stanley.
14. ii. JORDAN STANLEY, b. December 1782, Wilkes Co., Georgia; d. March 04, 1867, Lowndes Co., Miss..
15. iii. JAMES STANLEY, b. 1785, Wilkes which became Greene County, Georgia; d. 1875, Gwinnett County, Georgia.
16. iv. SAMUEL STANLEY, b. 1792, Washington Co., Ga.; d. Bet. 1866 - 1870, Centerville, Bibb Co., Ala..
v. STEPHEN STANLEY, b. Abt. 1795.
The date of birth (1795) for this Stephen Stanley is taken from the Bible of J. W. Stanley. Any date prior to about 1815 would mean that he was born in Georgia. Some researchers have written this Stephen was Jordan's brother, and he was born in Alabama. There are too many problems with that scenario: Shadrack, Jordan's father, was in Georgia until about 1820. So a date of 1795 will not work and birth outside of Georgia will not work. The only known record for this man - Jordan's brother - is the 1836 power of attorney.

Jordan Stanley had a son named Stephen who was born in Georgia in 1805. The date is verified by the 1850 Mississippi census. His marriage to Jane Perkins is recorded in Bibb County, Alabama. There were two men, an uncle and a nephew.

Date born 2: Only listing for Stephen is estate filings for his grandfather, Charles Jordan. It names his brothers. It names his mother as Penainy Jordan.

Jordan Stanley Family

Samuel Stanley Family

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