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John Conine Stanley

Son of James and Elizabeth Conine Stanley

JOHN CONINE6 STANLEY (JAMES5, SHADRACK4, SANDS3, JONATHAN2 STANDLEY, GEORGE1) was born 1821 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and died 1884 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He married ESTHER PULLAM in Gwinnett County, Georgia. She was born 1824.

Very little is known about John Stanley. His kinship to James Stanley is proven by his father's Last Will. The location of his residence, and the names of his children are deduced from land deeds and the Census records of 1860, 1870 and 1880.

In 1859 John Stanley served as a Juror for the Gwinnett County Inferior Court.

The 1860 Georgia Census, Jackson County, Auburn District, lists:

John Stanley age 34 Farmer
Value of land: $1,000
Other worth: $ 650
Eda (Esther) age 36 female
Florinda 13 female
Thomas 13 male
Mary 12 female
Harriett 9 female
Hosea 8 male
Cisero 7 male

The 1870 Georgia Census, Jackson County, lists:

John C. Stanley age 48 Farmer
Value of land $ 700
Easter (Esther) 50
Harriett 17
Hosea C. 16 (Hosea Conine)
Joseph C. 14 (Joseph Cisero)

In both the 1860 and 1879 Census records all family members listed their state of birth as Georgia, except Esther who was born in South Carolina.

The 1870 Georgia Census also lists John's son, Thomas, as head of household:
Thomas J. Stanley age 21 Farm laborer
Sarah 26
Octava A. 4
John 2
Martha 1

The 1880 Georgia Census, Gwinnett County, Sugar Hill District # 550 lists:
John C. Stanley age 61
Esther Wife age 58
Florinda dau 34
John T. son 32
Mary dau 30
Harriett dau 28
Joseph son 22
Hosea son 27
Dora Wife age 21
Henry son 3
Walter son 2

The Georgia Census, Gwinnett County, District # 316 (Auburn Area) lists:
John T. (Thomas) 36 Farmer
Sarah 36 Wife, Keeping house
Octavia 15 daughter
John S. 13 son
Martha A. 11 daughter
Sarah F. 9 daughter
Charles F. 7 son
Mary F. 5 daughter
Pearly 0. 2 daughter

The 1880 Georgia Census, Jackson County, District # 245 (Jefferson) lists:
Joseph Stanley 22 Farm Laborer
Martha F. 22 Wife
Netty 1 daughter

Netty was born in December 1879

The records of the 1880 Census, which indicate two sons of John C. Stanley, list all persons and their parents as born in Georgia. Only Esther was born elsewhere, South Carolina.

Probation of
John C. Stanley
Georgia, Gwinnett County
In the matter of William E. Simmons, and application for letters of administration for the estate of J. C. Stanley, deceased
In Ordinary Court, July Seven, 1885
And now comes Esther Stanley, J. C. Stanley, and J. C. Stanley -the first, widow of said deceased; the latter sons of said deceased and all heirs at law and next of kin of said deceased and caveats the application aforesaid upon the following points, to wit:

lst Because the decedent left no property whatever at the time
of death to be administered upon

2nd Because the property in possession of which
decedent died had been set apart and assigned to said Esther
Stanley and her minor children at said time in existence as
a homestead and that the same therefore is not a subject of
administration - and because Homestead property was all
which was left by decedent at his death

3rd Because he owned no property real or personal or
close in action at his death - wherefore that the ______
prayed ____ for be_______and that no letters with _____ in
this matter be issued to the applicant.

Esther Stanley
J. C. Stanley
J. C. Stanley

By this attorney at Law: C. H. Brand

His gravestone at Level Creek Methodist Church in Suwanee, Georgia shows the birth and death dates for John C. Stanley: April 21, 1821 to July 19, 1884.

John married Esther Pullam in 1844. her family was from South Carolina. Esther's burial place has not been located. However, it appears she was living in 1890 as stated in a land deed of that year. At that time the she, and at least Joseph Cisero, were resident at Sugar Hill, Georgia.

In 1849 John Stanley purchased 250 acres in land lot 331, fifth land district, from the estate of Elisha Winn. The property is located southeast of Dacula on Harbins Road where the Lawrenceville Road cuts westward.

A deed recorded in 1871 lists John and Esther Stanley as selling a 250 acre tract of land for the sum of $1,425 to George S. Vineyard. This tract, in land lot 331 of the fifth land district, had been set aside by the Homestead laws in 1869 for the benefit of the Stanley family.

In 1873 D. P. (Daniel) Harris married H. M. (Harriett) Stanley. Daniel was a son of William Harris. A Daniel Harris sold fifth district land lots 242 to Job Smith; and 238, 239, and 240 to James Wilson. This land formerly belonged to Buckner Harris. The records here probbly indicate two Daniel Harrises. Our Daniel and Harriett moved to Pavo, Georgia.

An 1890 deed recorded at Gwinnett County states that Henry Stanley purchased 150 acres in land lot 306 of the seventh land district from Mary Payne, Florinda Rice, Harriett Harris, Joseph C., Hosea C., Esther and John T. Stanley. This land was formerly owned by John C. Stanley. He purchased it from A. G. Harris about 1870. The location of the property is northeast of Sugar Hill, Georgia. State highway 20 runs through it, the center being at the intersection with Old Cumming Road.

Little is known about the children of John Stanley. Some facts were learned from Wilma Steed, a grand-daughter of Hosea C. Stanley, and from letters sent from Edith Stanley, a daughter of Joseph Cisero, to Eunice Stanley in 1973 and 1974. From the letters it is clear that John's grandchildren are somewhat aware of their cousins. Also evident is that these persons, now in their eighties, are largely not aware of the names of their ancestors beyond their own parents.

There is a death recorded in the Georgia Mortality Schedule of 1870 listing a Thomas Stanley. He died at the age of twenty-two while working on the railroad near Suwanee, Georgia. He was buried at the home of R. T. Rhoades, a railroad supervisor, near Suwanee. Lack of other evidence suggests he was a son of John Stanley.

John's daughter, Mary was wed to a Payne and moved to Prusville, Alabama. They had two sons, Oscar and Edgar.

Two letters sent from Edith to Eunice Stanley are copied:

Russellville, Alabama November 20, 1973

Dear Eunice,

I've wanted to write for some time but could not find your address and have just found the last letter you wrote me in 1957 - and that is sixteen years ago. I tried to contact Clarence Dalton, but he did not answer my letter. However, Carrie Gardner did get in touch with him and he did not have any information - so he said.

I remembered that Uncle Tom was killed in a run-away accident in Montgomery the day our home burned in 1911 and I did get a copy of his death certificate. But it was dim and not very much information given. I'm still trying to get the Stanley data worked out.

I heard through Carrie or Edgar Payne that Cousin Walter and your mother died and I'm hoping somehow this letter will reach you.

My folks who lived with me have all died and I have lived alone for ten years - since February 3, 1964 when Dick died in a Birmingham hospital.

I've talked to Carrie Gardner several times but she doesn't seem to know any family data & I've not been back to Birmingham in two years - since January 21, 1971.

Please write me when Uncle Hosea died, etc. all you know about them, etc. I have a real good chart compiled by William Stanley Hoole, at teacher at University of Alabama & it gives dates when the first Stanley and his three sons came to America from England. But since I do not know the

father of my father, Joseph Cisero Stanley, I am not able to connect to it.

I do know that I am named Edith for my grandmother or great-grandmother Stanley.

Papa's father died and he lived with his mother until she died. I know that my grandmother Stanley was living in 1891 as she sent a coat to my brother, Richard, when he was born in December 1891. My father only saw his mother one more time after he left home to work in Vicksburg, Mississippi. His sister, Hattie, married a Mr. Harris and they lived in Pavo, Georgia. They had a daughter just my age - I'll be eighty years old February 25, 1974.

I've hoped to make a trip to Centre, but since my folks are all passed away I could not make the trip alone. I am retired. Worked at the Post Office forty years. My one brother, Edward, lives here & works at Brown's Ferry in Limestone County. Goes back and forth each day and its too long a trip.

My sister, Mattie Counts, lives at Mt. Hope, Alabama, and my sister, Minnie Currie, lives at Gulfport, Mississippi. One of her sons lives at Huntsville.

Love to all the kin,

Edith Stanley
615 Franklin NE
Russellville, Ala 35653

A second letter was sent by Edith to Eunice in January 1974. Edith had learned that her grandfather was named John C. Stanley, and his wife was Edith - as stated on the death certificate of Thomas Stanley. Below are excerpts of that letter:

January 19, 1974

Dear Eunice,

Thanks for your good letter and the family data it contained. I shall be able to get more data now.

Uncle Tom died of a run-away accident in Montgomery on March 24, 1911.

I was named for my grandmother or great-grandmother Stanley, and her name was Edith. My aunt must have given the data when Papa died in December 1915 - and when I get his death certificate I hope to be sure of my data.

I think you will find that your grandpa Stanley was named Hosea Chemp, who was born July 7, 1852. My brother, Joseph, was named for or him - Joseph Kemp Stanley - but Mama wasn't informed that Kemp was spelled with a 'C'. I'm sure that Cousin Walter was named for Papa, whose full name was Joseph Cisero Stanley - born 1855, 1 think. I only saw Uncle Tom and Uncle Hosea one time when they came here for visits about 1905 or 1906.

My sister, Annie, and brother, Joe, both died of cancer. Its an awful thing. My brother, Richard, died February 3, 1964 and I have lived alone since then.

I wish I knew more about Aunt Hattie Harris. Mr. Harris and Aunt Hattie did live at Pavo, Georgia, and they had a daughter born in 1894 - the same age as me. Mr. Harris was a school teacher.

I wish you lived nearer here. We had planned a trip up there when Dr., Fred Stanley lived there. He married Dorothy Bobo -who used to live at Centre.

Mary is a name used in the Stanley family often. My name is Mary Edith.


Edith Stanley

From these two letters some information can be gathered about the lineage of Joseph Cisero Stanley, a son of John C. Stanley. However, the writer is somewhat in awe that Edith Stanley lived her first eighty years without knowing her grandfather's name.

It is clear that the children of John Stanley moved away from home at early ages. This scattering of the family accounts for each side of the family knowing so little about each other.

Residence: Born in Dacula, GA and owned property near Drowning Creek. Moved to Suwanee, GA area.

Marriage: Gwinnett County, Georgia

i. FLORINDA7 STANLEY, b. 1847.
57. ii. THOMAS J. STANLEY, b. 1847, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. 1911.
iii. MARY STANLEY, b. 1848.
58. iv. HARRIETT MENDALINE STANLEY, b. September 16, 1851, Gwinnett Co GA; d. November 29, 1936, Pavo, Thomas Co GA.
59. v. HOSEA CONINE STANLEY, b. 1852, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. 1940, Centre, Alabama.
vi. JOSEPH CISERO STANLEY, b. 1855; d. 1915.

John C. Stanley Family