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Stanley Family Tree (Genealogy Site)


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James Young Stanley

Son of James and Elizabeth Conine Stanley

JAMES YOUNG6 STANLEY (JAMES5, SHADRACK4, SANDS3, JONATHAN2 STANDLEY, GEORGE1) was born November 1823 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and died 1913 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He married ELIZABETH CAROLINE BETTS 1847 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, daughter of LOVICK BETTS and MARY CLACK. She was born July 23, 1832 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and died January 26, 1912 in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

James Young Stanley was born in November 1823 at the home of his father, James Stanley. He lived his entire life in Dacula, Georgia, and died in 1913. He is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Dacula. His date of birth is verified in the listing of 34th Senatorial District Georgia Militia, Enrollment of Present Militia Company, District #407, (Town District) Gwinnett County, Georgia, as required by the Act of December 14, 1863. It lists James Y. Stanley, Farmer, age 40 years 1 month. ( The Heritage, published by the Gwinnett Historical Society, March 1999)

The story is that one day he drove a horse and buggy through Bettstown, near Carl, and saw a beautiful girl milking a cow. He declared then that he wanted that girl for his wife. In 184 6 James Y. Stanley married Elizabeth Caroline Betts, who was then fourteen years old. Caroline was the daughter of Lovick (1807-1880) and Mary (1813-1895) Betts. It is now known that Mary Betts was formerly a Clack. Their burial place at Midway Methodist Church outside Auburn, Georgia.

The story of Bettstown and the Betts family follows this chapter

It is known that he (James Y. Stanley) built a house near his father on now Stanley Road, just west of Dacula, GA. where he raised his family of seven girls and two boys.

The home was built on a forty-acre tract his father bought from John Conine in 1856. Those forty acres was situated on the eastern side of land lot 270 in the Fifth District. The property remained in the family until the death of his daughter, Betty, in 1951. The rest of his land holdings were sold and the proceeds divided among his heirs. Sometime about 1952 the house was destroyed by fire. The records of 1913 indicate that daughters Mary and Betty were the last of the family in possession of the home place.

At his father's death James Y. Stanley came into possession of one hundred acres which was left in life estate to his mother, Elizabeth. The forty-acre tract where his house stood was part of that one hundred acres in land lot 270.

Land deeds at the Gwinnett County courthouse showed that in 1876 the year Elizabeth died - James Y. Stanley became the rightful owner of that property. Also in that year he purchased one and one-half acres from Russell Whaley in land lot 269 to the south of his own property. Then he purchased one hundred fifty acres from John Loveless in land lot 243. Lot 243 borders on the West Side of Lot 270. A 128 acres tract known as the Hogan Place divided his property.

The first record of ownership of the Hogan Place was an 1850 record wherein John Richardson sold it to Alfred Baggett. The next record shows Wiley Hogan borrowing against it from the Georgia Loan and Trust Bank in 1887. Dr. Sam Freeman bought that tract from Wiley Hogan in 1892. Then in 1895 Robert Stanley purchased it. This transaction brought all of Land Lot 270 and one-half of Land Lot 243 into the Stanley family.

James Y. Stanley did leave a Last Will naming Bona Allen as his executor. But in 1913 his heirs joined and agreed that

1. Mary and Betty should retain their ownership of the house, farm tools, all wagons, buggies which was
deeded to them during their father's life. Ownership would pass to the surviving sister, which was Betty.

2. Bona Allen, as agent, should convert all other assets of the estate into cash and divide the proceeds among the children.

Records at the Georgia State Archive:

The State of Georgia raised a Militia in each county, also called the Home Guards. The 1863 Gwinnett Militia Rolls, District 407 - which was the Town District - lists James Y. Stanley.

1860 Georgia Census: James Y. Stanley of Gwinnett County:

James Y. 34
Louisa 12
Early 10
Alice 7
Georgia 5
Robert 2

Four of his children were not yet born.

In this 1860 Census, James Y. reported land holdings of $1,000

The Pleasant Hill Methodist Church was located on James Waiter's property, behind what later became the Robert Stanley home place. That cemetery is final resting-place for much of the family beginning with James Young Stanley and his wife Caroline Betts. In 1857, James Waiter initiated the original deed for that tract of land as follows:

Georgia Gwinnett County

This indenture made this ___day of November in the year of our lord Eighteen hundred and fifty-seven

James Waiters of the one part and Samuel A. Edmunds, Harrison Freeman, Washington Allen, John L. Hinton trustees and their successors in officers for use of the Methodist Episcopal Church Pleasant Hill, a certain tract or parcel of land commencing at the Long Branch where the road crosses said branch going to Lawrenceville it being part of Lot number 271 in the Fifth District of said county going west to a hickory corner thence south to a chestnut corner thence east to a redoake corner near the branch - thence up the branch to the beginning corner containing five acres more or less so long as the church remains at the same place and if the church should dissolve then the said primes to the said James Waiters or his heirs it being a deed gift from the said James Waiters to the said church the Receipt is hereby acknowledged, Signed, Sealed, and Delivered in present of the Day date above written

James Waiters W. B. Waiters
Elias Green

Burial: Pleasant Hill Centery in Dacula, GA

Marriage: 1847, Gwinnett County, Georgia

60. i. LOUISA JANE7 STANLEY, b. January 09, 1848, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. March 22, 1918, Buford, Gwinnett County, Georgia.
ii. GEORGIA ANN STANLEY, b. 1849; d. 1923; m. VINES ALLEN, 1876, Gwinnett County, Georgia; b. September 13, 1856, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. 1924, Duluth United Methodist Church, Duluth, GA.
Marriage: 1876, Gwinnett County, Georgia

61. iii. EARLY JORDAN STANLEY, b. March 04, 1850, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. August 27, 1927, Gwinnett County, Georgia.
62. iv. ALICE STANLEY, b. December 22, 1852, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. 1936, Gwinnett County, Georgia.
63. v. ROBERT MORLAND STANLEY, b. December 09, 1858, Dacula, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. October 09, 1946, Gwinnett County, Georgia.
64. vi. CALLIE STANLEY, b. 1866, Dacula, Ga; d. 1927, Lawrenceville, Georgia.
65. vii. DORA STANLEY, b. October 17, 1866, Dacula, GA; d. September 17, 1934, Dacula, GA.
viii. MARY STANLEY, b. July 25, 1869; d. December 18, 1933; m. C. S. JEWELL; d. 1936.
Burial: Pleasant Hill Centery in Dacula, GA
Residence: After C.S. Jewell's death in 1936 Mary moved into her father's house in Dacula

More About C. S. JEWELL:
Burial: Pleasant Hill Centery in Dacula, GA

ix. BETTIE STANLEY, b. 1872, Dacula, GA; d. 1950, Buford, GA; m. (1) CHARLES C. HARRIS, 1895; b. 1867, Dacula, GA; d. 1901, Dacula, GA; m. (2) NAPOLEAN BONAPART ALLEN, 1918; b. December 27, 1846, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. October 18, 1925, Buford, GA.
Three infant children buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Dacula, Georgia.

Burial: Buford City Cemetery, Buford, GA

Marriage: 1895

Source: Louie W. Stanley relating family history from memory; Bona Allen 4th also relating from memory.
December 2000: Michael R. Allen, a great-great grandson of Bona Allen, resident of Alpharetta, GA.

Burial: Buford City Cemetery

Marriage: 1918

James Y. Stanley Family