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Stanley Family Tree (Genealogy Site)


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James Stanley (1785-1875)


James Stanley was my third-great grandfather. He was born in Washington or Wilkes County, Georgia in 1785. He married Elizabeth Conine, daughter of Robert Conine and Nancy Young. Wilkes County tax records for his father, Shadrack Stanley, placed him in Captain Thompson's District in 1785. The area of Northern Washington and Southern Wilkes counties saw boundary changes and this district was absorbed into Greene County in 1786. Shadrack filed in Washington Co. and drew a bounty land warrant in 1784. He also drew headright warrants in 1788 and 1790 in today's Hancock County - just to the south of his brother-in-law, Dempsey Jordan. He served in the Washington Co. Militia in 1793. Captain McCavy's (1793) militia district was located in the southern part of today's Hancock County and the northern part of today's Washington County. County formations and changing boundaries would indicate he did not move - they did. Later records placed them in proximity to the Charles Jordan, Jr. family in Wilkes, Lincoln and Jackson counties.

James Stanley had three brothers also born in Georgia: Jordan (b. 1782), Samuel (b. 1792) and Stephen. Samuel moved from Georgia to Bibb and Coosa counties in Alabama where he lived out his life. Jordan moved to Bibb County, but later moved near Caledonia, Lowndes County Mississippi where he lived out his life. We have located no information about Stephen in Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi. Although some researchers confuse him with Jordan Stanley's son who was born in Georgia in 1805.

Shadrack and Jordan were present in Wilkes 1800-1801, which became Lincoln County. Records of land deeds and marriages indicate the family resided in Jackson County by 1803. Jackson County tax records 1803 - 1817 trace the family in Jackson, (now) Barrow, Walton and Gwinnett. Gwinnett County, formed from Jackson County and the Creek Cession, was officially created in 1818, although homesteads had long been established there. The family of James Stanley trace their roots to Dacula, Georgia, where family members still reside within a mile of the original home place.

Research including tax, land deeds and Revolutionary War records trace the family to North and South Carolina, then backward to Massachusetts. The probable lineage contains one uncertain relationship - that of Sands Stanley, Sr. who purchased land in Johnston County (old Dobbs) NC between 1746-1750. It is thought that he is related to Jonathan Standley, a son of George and Bethia Lovett Stanley of Beverly, Essex County, MA. Proving this connection may take a lifetime, and any information from as yet unknown descendants is appreciated!

We are seeking information:

Any aunt, uncle, cousin, in-law or out-law is encouraged to provide further information and details that are not included here! And, please send corrected and updated information as needed.

>>SANDS STANDLEY, found in NC land deeds 1746-1750.
>>STEPHEN STANLEY, born in GA about 1795. Brother of Jordan, James and Samuel Stanley
>>PRISCILLA KELLY who married Jordan Stanley in Jackson Co. 1803
>>ELIZABETH PERKINS who married Samuel Stanley in Jackson Co. 1815
>>ROBERT CONINE and NANCY YOUNG, parents of Elizabeth Conine

Information found at this site may not be used for any commercial endeavor. The genealogies here represent my own work and that of many other people.

James Stanley Family

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This MapQuest map is a view of Dacula, Georgia and includes the original homeplace of James Stanley as well as his grandsons Robert and Early Stanley.