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Hosea Conine Stanley

Son of James and Elizabeth Conine Stanley

HOSEA CONINE STANLEY, b. 1828; d. 1862.
Georgia census records list this man as the only person named Hosea Stanley born about 1830. However, there has been some confusion between this man and his cousin of the same name. The following Civil War record is all that is known of his life.

Hosea C. Stanley enlisted March 4, 1862, with Company A 42nd Regiment of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Tennessee. They called themselves the Gwinnett Beauregards. The listing states: "Died of disease at home in Gwinnett County, Georgia, October 12, 1862."

From War of the Rebellion, Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies:

From the date of his enlistment the activities of the 42nd Regiment can be traced.

The 42nd Regiment was placed under Major General E. Kirby Smith on March 28, 1862. Those who enlisted from Georgia reported to Knoxville, TN and awaited assignment. On about April 26, 1862, they were assigned to Brig. General E. L. Stevenson, then stationed at Cumberland Gap.

On April 21, General Stevenson received communication that a large number of citizens had left and vowed to return with a large Northern army. Within a week of the 17th, General Rosecrans was to attack General Marshall and enter Tennessee by that route, while General Freemont was to come in through the mountains. Stevenson was ordered to spare no money or expense in sending out spies and gaining information about enemy troop movements.

Under Stevenson, and a Colonel named R. J. Henderson, the Confederate forces were successful at Cumberland Gap, Cumberland Ford, and into the Chattanooga area.

In April the troops were described as being poorly armed, having only 'country rifles.' In June General Smith wrote an urgent request to Joseph Brown, Governor of Georgia, stating that the Regiments were greatly reduced, largely by sickness, to an average effective strength of 400 men. (There were some 4,500 men under him in early April). He asked Governor Brown to add to his numbers by conscript and calling upon absentees who were able to return to their Regiments.
Item 2:

I certify that I have carefully examined the said Hosey C. Stanley, Private of Captain ______ A Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of secondary syphilis.

The blanks are signed or otherwise filled in, but are unreadable.

Item 3:

State of Georgia
Gwinnett County On this 16th day of April 1863

Personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace in and for the county aforesaid James Stanley who after being sworn according to law, deposes and says that he is the father of Hosea C. Stanley, deceased, who was a -private of Captain Lovick T. Thomas, Company A, 42nd Regiment Georgia Volunteers commanded by Col. Henderson in the service of the Confederate States, in the present war with the United States; that the said Hosea C. Stanley entered the service at Lawrenceville, in Gwinnett County, State of Georgia on or about the 4th day of March, 1862, and died of sickness in Gwinnett, on or about the 12th day of October, 1862, leaving no wife or child lawfully surviving him, and that he makes this deposition for the purpose of obtaining from the government of the Confederate States whatever may have been due to the said Hosea C. Stanley at the time of his death, for pay, bounty, or other allowances for this services.

Sworn to and subscribed before me
James X Stanley
Isaac Bradford, J.P.

The following sections grant authority to compensate James Stanley for whatever may be owed to Hosea C. Stanley. The document is signed and sealed in Gwinnett County Ordinary Court, on the 16th day of April 1863, by G. T. Rakestraw, Ordinary.

A Mr. Samuel W. Davis acted as witness to the document for James Stanley.