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Stanley Family Tree (Genealogy Site)


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Early Jordan Stanley

Son of James Y. and Elizabeth Caroline Betts Stanley

EARLY JORDAN7 STANLEY (JAMES YOUNG6, JAMES5, SHADRACK4, SANDS3, JONATHAN2 STANDLEY, GEORGE1) was born March 04, 1850 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and died August 27, 1927 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. He married FLORINDA REBECCA AMBROSE November 25, 1880 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. She was born 1858 in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and died 1929 in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

Early J. Stanley, Sr. was born March 4, 1850 at the home of his father, James Young Stanley, in Dacula, Georgia. He died at the age of seventy-seven years in 1927. On November 25, 1890 he married Flora Rebecca Ambrose. Flora was born in October 1858 and died at seventy-one years in 1929. All their children were raised on the 275 acre farm. They first purchased 130 acres in 1901, then bought 140 acres from the heirs of James Y. Stanley.

Early and Flora were parents to ten children. The family was born and reared on their farm of 275 acres. Gwinnett County land deeds indicate that Early Stanley purchased 130 acres in land lot 243 from Jane Loveless on April 11, 1901. His father, James Y. Stanley already owned 140 acres in the northeast corner of that land lot. In November 1913, the children (heirs) of James Y. Stanley sold the remainder of the land lot to Early for a sum of $1,500.

This home place has remained in the family since it was acquired by James Y. Stanley in the late 1800s. Only once was it in peril of being sold about 1930. Early's eldest son, Dolph, had returned from Miami in hopes of farming for a living. In his efforts he borrowed too heavily against the farm. Early's brother-in-law, Jack Sims, paid the outstanding debts and bought the farm. Toward recovering his investment he allowed the farm to be placed at auction. At that time it was purchased by J. D. Williams, who had married Early's niece, Buel. Uncle Jack then allowed Dolph to move his family into the Elisha Winn house, which he then owned.

Sources include Mr. Robert Orrell of Port Orange, Florida.

1900, 1910 Gwinnett County, GA Soundex
1920 Gwinnett Co., GA Census:
Early J. Stanley 69, GA Farmer
Flora R. 61, GA
Early J. Jr. 24, GA

Gwinnett County Death Index
Early J. Stanley: Died from Bronchial Pneumonia, 77 years old at death, Farmer. Lived near Dacula, GA

The 1860 Gwinnett Co., GA census lists Florinda as one year old and living with the John T. Smith family.

Marriage: November 25, 1880, Gwinnett County, Georgia

113. i. ADOLPHUS (DOLPH) NOLAN8 STANLEY, b. December 01, 1881, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. July 25, 1952, Lawrenceville, GA.
114. ii. MAUDE (MANDY) STANLEY, b. February 1886, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. 1961, Miami, Dade Co., Florida.
iii. PAUL STANLEY, b. April 19, 1886, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. June 29, 1909, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA.
Died of blood poisoning from cut of a saw blade.

Burial: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Dacula, GA.

115. iv. LEWIS JACKSON STANLEY, b. June 09, 1887, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. June 04, 1982, Hendersonville, NC.
116. v. HENRY SMITH STANLEY, b. August 06, 1887, Gwinnett County, Georgia; d. February 09, 1944, Miami, Dade Co., Florida.
117. vi. JAMES MARCUS STANLEY, b. February 23, 1890, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. June 08, 1957, Hendersonville, NC.
118. vii. CARLTON QUINTON STANLEY, b. May 23, 1893, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. August 13, 1951, Miami, Dade Co., Florida.
119. viii. CARRIE STANLEY, b. September 1893, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. Abt. 1947, Miami, Dade Co., Florida.
120. ix. EARLY JORDAN STANLEY, b. September 03, 1894, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. August 09, 1968, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA.
121. x. HATTIE LOU STANLEY, b. August 08, 1899, Dacula, Gwinnett Co., GA; d. October 04, 1972, Miami, Dade Co., Florida.

Early Jordan Stanley Family